Thanks for visiting Urethane Foam Options website. Foam-in-place packaging is about to get inexpensive.

Urethane Foam Options, Inc. has been around for years. Concentrating on the greater Los Angeles marketplace, those who know UFO enjoy professional packaging at reduced cost. Now with the downturn in the economy we have decided to let the world know L A’s secret… Foam in place packaging is one of the best methods to create a safety barrier between your fragile product & carton to insure safe undamaged delivery to your customer…

Unfortunately, it also can be one of the most expensive ways to package if you do business with wrong foam-in-place packaging company. Again, foam in place packaging is about to get inexpensive.

Urethane Foam Options is a low cost producer which makes us a low cost provider… We contract with large toll chemical blenders and take advantage of their huge buying power and pass the savings along to you.

Another hallmark of UFO is our years of innovative packaging design. We get the job done using the smallest amount of foam needed. We call it “stealth” packaging, saving you even more money.

So if you are already an experienced user looking to save on you next drum set of foam-in-place chemicals or ready to learn the best way to protect your products from the trials of everyday shipping, give us a call. Our low cost, high yield chemicals are designed to run through all the popular basic gun dispensers to the fully automated bagging systems.

Need equipment? We recommend a simple, dependable & inexpensive pneumatic gun dispensing system for low volume needs. We have electronic dispensers for the medium volume user or we can design and provide you with a fully automated state of the art foam bag ging systems with all the bells & whistles to keep your large scale packaging operation running “on time”! We also carry plastic sheeting, support chemicals and tools to keep your machine up & running.

Are you new to foam in place packaging? The following “on-line” brochure will fill you in on the basics. It’s also available in a professionally printed brochure to convince that boss of yours you have found the right solution to all those damaged returned products.

Try before you buy. We will send you a free 5 gallon sample of the “A” & “B” chemicals.. All we ask is that you pay shipping costs for the samples. It makes you take the sample testing more seriously.

Are you a packaging professional? (Salesperson) We have a great distributor program to bring our line of products to your customers and prospects. Customers love to save money and there is nothing wrong with bringing on additional business.

Low cost chemicals... Expert packaging design... Business opportunities.

Let’s talk... Or E-mail. My name is Kurt. I am the president of Urethane Foam Options, Inc. and I welcome all inquires. Phone: 714-390-1863 &

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