UFO packaging saves you labor time as well as shipping costs. Ufo eliminates the need to store a large inventory of packaging supplies. Everything needed to safely package your products is at your fingertips. By reducing the weight and size of the finished pack, our packaging foam will reduce your freight costs.

UFO products have a versatility that allows for a variety of shapes and sizes. Foam is available in various densities capable of cushioning rugged machine parts as well as delicate electronic instruments. Whatever your application, UFO's many different densities are ideally suited to any packaging need.

Superior protective cushioning, provided by either premolding or foam-in-place, is efficient and specifically designed to protect your products from shock and vibration damage. Use UFO's packaging foam when you need to guarantee your products arrival undamaged.

Our qualified sales and service representatives will assist you in evaluating your present as well as future packaging needs. UFO is dedicated to providing you with cost-effective packaging with our foam-in-place products. UFO backs this up with a technical support team of trained professionals to help you with your toughest packaging problems.

The following questions are those that we hear most often at sales meetings.

Question: Can I use your chemicals through my machine?

Answer: Yes! Our chemistries are blended to work through all current brands of equipment. There are rare instances of incompatbility and we offer a full refund if this should ever happen.

Question: What about my manufactures warranty?

Answer: If you own your equipment you should be able to use whoevers chemicals you desire. The manufacturer might not want to provide service but must provide you with parts.

Question: Your prices are very fair. Do you use cheaper raw materials?

Answer: Nope. Are chemistries are blended with quality Polyols, Catalysts & Surfactants. If we did your nose would detect horrible odors & the quality of foam would be substandard. We can charge less because we are a privately held company (no sharing profit with shareholders) and we operate with thin levels of management (No bonuses paid to managers... district managers etc.)

Question: Is it possible to compare foams from different sources… Not just comparing the price of the chemicals? I want to make sure my cost per package foamed is the lowest possible while maintaining adequate protection.

Answer: Yes. And the postage scale and calculator are the only pieces of equipment necessary to prove which brand of chemical are the most economical. Give us a call and we can walk you through “Molded Density Measurement” and “Efficiency Testing”. We can even show you how to calculate exactly how much your package costs to foam-in-place.

Question: Who is your target market?

Answer: Companies that produce low volume or vastly variable fragile products. If the volume of products warrants a molded styrene insert (high startup cost but low manufacturing cost) we will send you in that direction. If foam-in-place isn’t for you, we will tell you and find the right source of packaging. By the way, foam-in-place is the only thing we do!

Question: I saw a used machine on e-bay or the guy down the row wants to sell his. Should I buy it?

Answer:Maybe… Used foam-in-place machines don’t store well unless preserved. If the machine is still sitting in chemical and the seller guarantees it to work it might be a terrific bargain. We suggest you give us a call first and we will give you direction so you won’t get burned. Our main goal is to offer the chemical at low prices.. If you find a low cost machine, we are here to help you make it work.

Question: What are the health concerns pertaining to foam-in-place?

Answer: In general, the reaction of the two chemicals will produce water vapor and carbon dioxide. There are trace amounts of catalysts given off and although very rare, some people are allergic to them. Symptoms are like having hay fever. Those individuals should not be assigned to the foam-in-place dispenser. There is a danger of foam splashing into eyes and safety glasses should be worn. No special venting is required but having the dispenser near an open outside door dissipates the water vapor.

Question: Is foam-in-place “green” with concerns to the environment?

Answer: The chemical resins combine to make very bio-stable urethane foam. The reaction makes up to 150 times the volume of resin. So most of this foam is just air, like air pillows or bubble wrap. There are channels to recycle or reuse urethane foam but if it is just “thrown away” it compresses into a very small volume taking up very little space in a land fill. Reduce Reuse and Recycle. Foam-in-place by nature is very green. You don’t have to fill the entire box full of foam to get proper shipping protection. Just a shot to the corners and critical areas is all that’s necessary.

Question: Can I foam the inside of my boss’s car?

Answer: No, he writes the checks to us.

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